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By Richard Greenberg


Directed By: Colby Bleicher

Scenic Design: Liz McGlone

Lighting Design: Elizabeth M Stewart


Playwright's Horizons Studio, 2012 

Paper Project


Students were given a dossier of

research and a budget of $80 to spend

in a dollar store, in order to design and

build costume from scratch


Model: Elizabeth M Stewart

Photographs By: Lauren Barber



By Sam Hood Adrain


Directed By: Sam Hood Adrain

Scenic Design: Lauren Barber

Lighting Design: Elizabeth M Stewart


New York Thespis Festival, 2016

Photographs By: Joe Zakko

Makeup for Short Film


Written and Directed By: Sarah Ferrier

Produced By: Stuart Ferrier

Wit us or a Guinness Productions

Production Stills By: Stuart Ferrier


Seattle 48 Film Festival, 2011

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